Protein Article Research

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Protein Article Research
Proteins are a part of each cell, tissue, and organs (CDC, 2012). We break down and replace proteins; this means that foods that we consume must contain protein in order for us to replace the needed protein. There are quite a few types of proteins that we can find in every day diets. Proteins are made up of amino acids (CDC, 2012), and we know that there are about twenty various amino acids that make up different types of protein. Essential amino acids are vital to our diet and mostly are animal based food. Poultry, meat, dairy such as milk, eggs and cheese are essential proteins and it is important to build these up when the food source is low in amino acids. For example, food that is not essential amino acid can be paired up with stronger amino acid to create a well-balanced protein intake. Too much protein or excessive amounts can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, and added risk of heart disease. To avoid these conditions, it is important to keep a well balance intake of essential proteins and not over consume. How much protein do you need according to your age and gender? A female, age 31; require about 46 grams of protein each day. This can be achieved by eating some healthy foods. Fish like salmon or tuna contain healthy protein. Yogurt or a glass of milk will provide the essential protein needed as long as consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that high protein diets lead to unfavorable side effects and can cause serious heart disease. It is recommended that cholesterol is checked annually so that if the diet needs to be adjusted, it is done timely and effectively.

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References: 1. CDC (2012), Protein, retrieved October 30, 2014 from
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