Protagonist and Room

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1. I read the book Room, by Emma Donoghue, which was copy-righted in 2010.

2. Emma Donoghue was born in 1969, in Dublin Ireland, where she was the youngest of 8 in her family. As a kid, she attended Catholic convent schools, and then attended the University of Dublin. She moved to England shortly afterwards, where she got her PHD in English from the University of Cambridge. Since then she has made a living by being a writer. She now lives in Canada with her husband, and 2 kids. (Emma Donoghue. Andrew Bainbridge, 2012. Web. 15 Sept. 2012. .)

3. My book has 321 pages.

4. The three main characters in this book were Jack, Ma, and a man referred to as Old Nick. Jack is a 5 year-old boy, who was born and raised in what he calls, “Room.” Later in the book, when he escapes people refer to him as odd or unusual, but that’s understandable considering his situation. Ma is the mother of Jack. She showers him with unconditional love, and is very protective of her son. When they escape, she defends her son if every way, and tries to keep him out of the media. Old Nick is the sick, cold-hearted man who trapped Ma in “Room” for several years, and impregnated her with Jack.

5. This story is told in the present tense, and takes place in modern day. I can tell it takes place in modern day due to the updated technology the character use.

6. Most of the book takes place in the tool shed known as Room. The end of the book takes place in a health clinic, and then Jack’s grandma’s house. The only geographic clue in the book I could find is when Jack is looking at the different American coins with his grandma, meaning the book probably takes place in the United States.

7. This book is told in first-person by the 5 year old boy named Jack. The book tells what he sees, hears, and thinks, and often uses the word I.

8. I think the overall theme of the book is that you should never give up hope. Ma was trapped in “Room” for seven years, and she never gave up hope that one day she would escape.

9. Summary:

The book Room is told through the eyes of Jack, a 5 year old boy, who was born and raised in a tool shed that he calls Room. Room has a tiny kitchen, bathroom, bed area, and a wardrobe where his mom tucks him away at night. To Jack, Room is his home, because it is all he ever known, but to his mom it has been her own personal prison for the past 7 years.

Seven years ago she was kidnapped by a man named Old Nick, and since then she had been locked up in Room. Several times Ma tried to escape but failed miserably, and would then have to endure a physical beating from Old Nick. He got her pregnant twice, but the first time the baby died. The second time she conceived Jack. Jack has been the only thing she had for the past five years to keep her sane. Jack means the world to her. Although Old Nick comes almost every night to give them food and sleep in Room, Ma never lets him get near Jack. She always tucks Jack away in wardrobe to keep him safe.

As Jack gets older, his curiosity only gets stronger, and Ma knows they need to escape soon. First, she tries to convince Old Nick that Jack is very sick and needs to go to a doctor. Old Nick refuses to take him, so days later, she wraps Jack in a rug, and tells him that Jack is dead. She then tells Old Nick that she wants Jack to be buried some place special, and not just the back yard. Old Nick is hesitant, but agrees. The plan is that Jack will escape and get help when Old Nick stops at a stop light. Can Jack escape and get his mom help or will it be another attempt at freedom failed miserably?

10. I really enjoyed this book, because it had an interesting storyline. It’s not a true story, but something like this could really happen. I would recommend this book to a friend, not only does it have an interesting story-line, but it really...
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