A Long Long Sleep Review

Topics: Sibling, Family, Long integer Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: January 19, 2013
1. A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan
2. The book was first published in 2011 in the United States 3. Discussion of the plot
a. The story takes place in the ComUnity 62 years after the main character is “stassed”. b. The protagonist of the story is Rose Fitzroy, who was awakened after 62 years in stass. c. Rose was the heir of the wealthiest family in the world. However, she was put in stass by her parents for 62 years until she was discovered. Desperate of losing her parents, her first love, her friends and everything once belonged to her, Rose tries to put her past behind her and adapt to her new world. d. Rose is the target of reporters and her surroundings when she first starts her new life. The students at school try to avoid her and treat her as if she was a ghost. She is rejected by Bren, the one who found her and woke her up by a kiss. Every night, she suffers the nightmare of her past life and the fear of losing her new life again. Most importantly, she is the target of a robot assassin, which was programed by her own parents in order to “keep her safe”. e. As the robot trying to kill Rose, she also finds out that Bren’s grandfather, who arranged everything for Rose since the day she was found, is Xavier, her long lost love. She is shock and sinks into a sea of thoughts. When she is talking to Otto about what has happened, the robot finds her and she just gives up. On the way to the robot station, she is technically dying because of all the pain, but still manages to think about her past, what her parents had done to her and her family, her present, who she really is and the people around her including Xavier, and her future, who she is meant to be. At the station, where all the stass tube is hidden, she decided to fight back the robot. With her little strength, she manages to throw the battery at the robot, which later exploded, and she was saved by hiding in the tube. As for her relationship with Xavier, they still love each...
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