Rosey for Emily

Topics: Death, Narrative, KILL, Family, Father / Pages: 2 (361 words) / Published: Dec 12th, 2012
1) Who is Emily Grierson? What was the former position of her family in the town? What has happened to Emily after her father died? What are her economic circumstances? How does the deputation of aldermen from the town of Jefferson treat her?

Emily Grierson was a young women who lived with her father, but her father dies as she got old .the towns people thought she was crazy and always seem to talk bad about her. Her family was well known as normal but then become weirdo. After Emily’s dad died she started dating Homer Barron. At the same time she was in trouble with the town’s tax people.

2) How do we learn about Emily? How do reports and rumors about her create the narrative of her life?

In the begin of the story the towns people are telling us about Emily .The town people explain how creepy Emily and lonely she has lived her life.

3) What has happened between Emily and homer Barron? What is the significance, if any, of the fact that homer is from the north?

Emily and homer have been going out for a while. The town begins talking bad about them .Emily falls in love with homer, so she ask him to marry her. Which he says no too, causing Emily to kill him?

4) Describe the plot of “A Rose for Emily “. What contrasts and oppositions are developed in the story?

The narrator starts with a flash back telling us about her. Then telling the events in her life, and how she killed homer. Then what she did with the body, over the years.

5) How does Faulkner shape the story’s event to make Emily mysterious or enigmatic? In what ways does the ending come as a surprise?

Faulkner describes Emily as a lone woman with no life. The words he uses paint an image that she’s just a creepy lady who lets no one in her house .that the end of the story the town people final get to go into Emily’s house after she died. To their surprise they discover a homers old dead body in the top

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