Happy Endings & August Wilson Fences
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Happy Endings & August Wilson Fences

When you read a book with a tragic end you think it ends with a sad ending right? Well that’s not quite right. Even though books and movies may end in tragedy it still has a happy ending to it. The book Fences is a prim example of how tragic ends in a happy ending. Rose in this case has moral reconciliation. She learns how to move on, forgive and see things different. First of all, Rose and Troy had a nice family. They had a son together and she always said she wanted a “whole family”. As we know Troy already had a son (Lyons), but that was before Rose met Troy. Even though Rose dislikes things Troy does she still loves him. She wouldn’t say anything about that situation. For example, “She recognizes Troy’s spirit as a fine and illuminating one and she either ignores or forgives his faults, only some of which she recognizes”. Rose didn’t have a paying job, but she always kept the house together and always cooked. Rose said,” I’m cooking up some chicken. I got some chicken and collard greens (pg6).” She was a normal house wife. Then, the worse part, Troy cheated on Rose. He also got the other lady (Alberta) pregnant and he tells Rose what happened. Another example, “I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be somebody’s daddy (pg66)”. Troy was trying to make excuses for his self, but there is not excuse or mistake. Rose was furious, she couldn’t believe this. Rose said, “Eighteen years and you wanna come with this. Why, Troy? Why? After all these years to come dragging this in to me now. I got to live to see the day you tell me you been seeing another woman and done fathered a child by her (pg67)”. At this point she was through she didn’t cook for him, or anything. There romantic and couple relationship was over with. Rose attitude changed she really doesn’t care about Troy anymore. Alberta has the baby which is a girl, but she dies after having her. Rose says. “I wonder who’s gonna bury her (pg76)”. Rose didn’t

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