Pros And Cons Of Obama Care Essay

Pages: 2 (488 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2017
Healthcare in America is highly debated, and the Democrats are adamant on resolving these challenges Americans face. Democrats believe that health care should be accessible, affordable and of the highest quality when servicing the American people. The health care in America should not make citizens broke or cause financial hardships, when individuals get sick. Therefore, the Democrats, along with former president Barrack Obama, came together to form the Affordable Care Act or better known as Obamacare.
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was created to address the millions of uninsured Americans who were without health care. As a result, millions of Americans can now have health insurance that is now affordable. In fact, it made health care available to individuals who have preexisting conditions, and were once denied by
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Allows young adults to stay on their parent’s health care policy until they’re 26 years old. The health care act allowed 83 percent of Americans with private plans and free preventive care. In addition, eliminates lifetime limits, prohibiting insurance companies from capping the amount they spend on a health care policy annually. As a result, over 105 million Americans have had their lifetime limits totally eliminated. In the same way, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, has caused some obstacles for the Democrats.
On the account of Obamacare, it has left millions of taxpayers in disarray. Funding the Affordable Care Act has been one insurmountable task for the Democrats, where the burden on the taxpayer has been tremendous. In addition, Republicans are trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act due to its broad reach and how it was implemented. Coupled with the preexisting problems, the health care reform Democrats hoped to address is now under scrutiny, and face possible repeal. So, consequently, Obamacare, which is helping about 20 million Americans, can now leave millions without health care once

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