Pros And Cons Of Obama Care

Topics: Health insurance, United States, Health care, Health economics / Pages: 6 (1309 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2017
In today’s times, everyone needs health care. With the number of diseases spreading, one can never know if they’re the next one to get sick. The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care provides people to maintain their health. Even though Obama Care has some negative issues regarding what it stands for, it’s also very beneficial. Having universal health care for all citizens in the United States would be advantageous; consequently, repealing this act would put numerous Americans at a disadvantage. The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care is a United States federal statute law stating that all people must have health care coverage. The Affordable Care was created to make health care affordable while also increasing the quality of health insurance. This law required locations like clinics and hospitals to accept all people if it’s covered by Obama Care. It’s also supposed to limit companies to charge a higher rate because of a pre-existing condition or because of one’s sex. The Obama Care was created to help the American people have affordable health care. Repealing Obama Care would put Americans with coverage would be extremely detrimental to them. It would take away all the benefits and cause people to not have health care. “Taking away Obama Care away right now would put 18 million Americans out of health care.” (Bryan). The House of Representatives and the Senate supposedly …show more content…
Many insurance companies will deny you coverage because of a mistake on the application or a pre-existing condition. With Obama Care active insurance companies can’t deny you because of these reasons. The only way they could deny your coverage is if the plan is already active. There are no more unreasonable limits on lifetime benefits. The limit for Lifetime benefits and annual limits are banned. One can still have benefits on whoever’s on the plan no matter the condition of that

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