Government Shutdown

Topics: Barack Obama, Finance, Funding Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: November 24, 2013

Government Shutdown Essay

The shutdown of the government doesn’t seem to come down to one party’s doings. It is a split responsibility. I believe the democrats hold responsibility by coming up with this idea of Obamacare but have no solution on how to fund, it other than raising the debt limit higher than it already is. Whereas the republicans are responsible for handling all of this in an unprofessional manner by waiting until the last couple days to decide they weren’t going to fund the issue. The democrats came up with this idea of “Obamacare” so that all Americans would have health care at an affordable rate, if not free depending on your situation. The goal of Obamacare is to provide cheaper and faster quality insurance to reduce other health care expenses. The down side of this insurance is that it’s a lot more expensive for the government, since most people won’t be paying for it themselves. Those that will be paying for it are the “republicans” because they typically have more money, which in this case means they will be paying more taxes to cover the expenses. In order for the Obamacare to be passed as a bill, the Nation’s debt limit would have to be raised. Currently our nation’s debt is over sixteen trillion dollars. If Obamacare was passed, the debt limit must be raised and we would go further into debt. This is what the democrats want to happen. On other hand, the republicans are partially on board. They say that Obamacare is fine as long as the democrats can come up with a cheaper way to go about it. Something more efficient than borrowing another trillion dollars, perhaps even half of that would be better. The government shutdown could have been avoided if congress made their proposal sooner stating that they were not going to be a part of the funding. Or, we could have just abolished the idea of Obamacare altogether. What the republicans wanted Obama to do was to suspend the implementations of Obamacare. Instead of starting it now,...
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