Proposal to Pursue a Career in Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Topics: Computer network, System administrator, High school Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: November 3, 2008


This proposal is to encourage high school student to pursue a career in network and computer systems administrator.

This report present information on network and computer systems administrator, a description of the career, the advantages of the career and the reasons to pursue a career in the professional field.


Job Description
Network or computer systems administrators design, install and support and organization’ LAN (local-area network), WAN (wide-area network), network segment, internet or intranet system. In this field the professional provide day to day onside administrative support for software users in a variety of work environments, including professional offices, small business, government and large corporations. There’s a wide range of skills required, and there are many paths of entry to a job as a systems administrator. Many employers seek applicants with bachelor’s degrees, although it’s not necessarily in a computer related field. Entry level network and computer systems administrators are involved in routine maintenance and monitory of computer systems, typically working behind the scenes in an organization. After gaining experience and expertise, they often are able to advance into more senior level position.

I have been interested in the It career for about two years now. One of my family members is working in the network and computer systems administration field and he has been encouraging me to continue my education in this field. He describes his daily schedule and it has made me become interested in the field. He has been showing some of the work he and I have been enjoying the hands on practice. I started troubleshooting and diagnosing on my computer and immediate family members with my cousins help and realized that I really enjoyed doing this kind of work. His...
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