Proposal Of The Food And Drugs Administ
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Proposal of the Food and Drugs Administration
The FDA is an agency under the health and human services an arm of government institution headquarters in Washington DC. The agency is the oldest comprehensive consumer protection agency. The FDA regulatory functions began in 1906 when the pure food and drugs Act was enacted. Since then their tasks have changed with the socio-cultural, political and economic aspects in which basis it was established. Their major duty encompass of food products, human and animal drugs, medical devices. Protecting the public health by assuring that foods are safe and properly labeled.
Trans fats acids according to the FDA and I quote “are the chemical compounds made up of fats. Fatty acid is a chain of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms. Saturated fatty acid has the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms attached to every carbon atom. It is said to be saturated with hydrogen atoms.”(’s fatty acids, also known as Trans fats, are made during partial hydrogenation of vegetable oils. Hydrogen process by which hydrogen atoms are added to unsaturated sites on fatty acids, thereby, eliminating double bonds. Partial hydrogenation relocates some double bonds and hydrogen atoms end up on different sides of the chain. Questions that will be asking in this proposal is
(a) What are Tran’s fats?
(b) Why are Trans fats bad for your health?
(c) Should manufacturer list all ingredients in processed foods?
(d) Will this impact business and don’t businesses owe it to it consumers to produce safe and healthy foods?

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