Proposal for a Backup Solution

Topics: Backup, Microsoft Windows, Windows XP Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: November 7, 2005
Proposal for a Backup Solution

Working as a volunteer for a small non-profit organization, I have been asked find a suitable backup solution for our environment. The plan should allow, not only the backup of critical data, but also the ease of moving the data offsite in the event of a disaster.

The organization consists of twelve workstations, one being a laptop, all less then three years old. Each workstation runs Windows XP and is connected through a LAN and to the internet. The organization has determined that 10-15 GB will need to be backed up each week. I have been given a grant in the amount of $500 to implement a backup solution that will work with this environment. Backup Solution Proposal

After considering many options, I decided to go with a tape backup system. With tape backup, the organization will be able to store data offsite giving them the protection from a disaster which could potentially destroy the building along with all workstations and data. Since this is a grant I will try to use all available funds for our backup project, since most grants do not allow unspent funds to be used for other areas. IOMEGA REV 35GB/90GB External USB 2.0 Drive

The Iomega REV 35GB/90BG is a removable hard disk system that will provide portability and high-performance file storage. The device can be found for as little as $278 on the internet. Additional backup media should be purchased to allow for a proper rotation schedule. Four Rev 35/90GB disks can be purchased for $181.96. The total cost of hardware will approximately be about $460. IOMEGA REV 35/90 Features

•Complete: Everything you need to get started with backing up, or replace an existing tape or optical backup solution, including 1 REV disk, professional-level backup software, and an easy how-to-guide. •Fast: Backup and recover files up to 8 times faster then tape. •Easy: No cleaning or maintenance required; appears as a standard drive letter. •Durable:...
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