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The proposal for arousing students’ interest in drama

The following proposal aims to arouse students’ interest in drama. It is prepared by the committee members of the St Mark’s College’s Drama Club and it will include three activities, including the details of the activities and the benefits that students can have after joining those activities.

2.The Proposed activities
As some students may not be very familiar with what drama is about and don’t know that drama can let them have a more effective learning, we would like to propose the activities to arouse students’ interest in drama.

2.1. Drama performance
2.1.1 Activities
As not many students know about drama, it is suggested that they should first approach drama performance. For example, inviting performers to our school to have a performance in order to let the students have a basis of what drama is about. 2.1.2 Benefits

The drama performances not only give a basis of what drama is to the students, but also let them discover their interest in drama. If they are sure they have further interest on drama performance, they can join other activities related to drama to know more and have more information about drama.

2.2. Drama visit
2.2.1 Activities
After ensuring they have interests in drama, they can learn more about drama by watching to the dramatic production or they may even go to the back stage to interview the actors or actress and the director to understand how a drama performance is produced. If possible, school can give subsidies to those who can’t afford the full price. 2.2.2 Benefits

Having a visit at the back stage and the interviews with the actors and the director, students can learn the acting skills and the stage production skills. Apart from those skills that can only be used on stage, through the drama, students can also learn communication skills and they can also be given a chance to learn the writing skills to organize the drama....
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