Impact of Roman & Greek Theatre

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As a people we have evolved tenfold from early civilization. We have broken boundaries in almost every aspect of living. From the modifications of cars, to the effortless use of technology, we have created what seems to be a legacy of great achievement and we can only move forward from here on out.
In the same token, the dramatic arts field has far surpassed the conventional techniques of learning; we have created new and exciting methods and skills to better aid us as an institution and as individuals. However, this all would not have been possible without the early findings of the Roman and Greek Theatre.
Try to imagine if you will a society completely oblivious to technology or what the future will hold? Imagine society that was forced to work on the basis of innovation and create a pathway for the future to follow in. These are the societies to whom we as drama students owe all credit to. Without their crucial implementations to the world of theatre, we would not have made it thus far.

Roman Greek

Greek Theatre
There are many theories as to how the world of theatre began, but the most commonly and widely agreed upon would be through rituals. In the beginning people saw the natural forces of the world as unpredictable and sought to control the unknown feared powers.
As humans progressed, so did rituals, although those involving human sacrifices were done away with but the stories (myths) continued and provided material for arts and drama.
When involved with ritual, drama was seen as an effective means of influencing man’s welfare. When all those within the tribe did not take part in the ritual, there was a clear division made between the auditorium and the acting space. After such dramatic displays it is said that theatre had evolved and man thereafter become extremely sophisticated to separate dramatic displays from religious

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