How My Optimism Will Help Me Press On To Greater Achievements Of The Future

Topics: Autism, Want, Need Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: February 16, 2015
How My Optimism Will Help Me Press on to Greater Achievements of the Future By Anish Mantri
I come from a family of optimists. My parents are first generation immigrants to the USA and one value they highly regard is “optimism”. They strongly believe that one can overcome any obstacle as long as they are hopeful about the future and show resiliency to stick with their dream. My father came to the USA with $500 in his pocket and a dream to go to a top business school and succeed in corporate America. Today he is president of a Cummins business unit, but the path to get there involved washing dishes, mopping floors and a lot of education along the way. His story gives me a lot of inspiration and gives me optimism to pursue my own dream.

When I grow up, I would like to invent something that will change the world. The human race has achieved a lot over the past few centuries, yet there is still so much more to discover. I don’t want to invent something that will just make our lives easier. I want to invent something that will make peoples’ lives better.

I love to play tennis and I’m fairly good at it. Last summer, my brother and I started working with autistic kids by teaching them to play tennis. The idea was not to make them tennis champions, but rather help them improve their social and motor skills. I had never interacted with children who have special needs before and the whole experience had a tremendous impact on me. It felt so touching just watching them hit the balls and feeling the satisfaction they felt. I realized how gifted these kids were in certain aspects and at the same time learned that they struggled with the tasks that we take for granted. This experience has inspired me and gave me the idea of doing something to help autistic children, so they can

live a better life. I aspire to create a cure, or treatment that can prevent autism, maybe some test that will detect it earlier and help reduce severity. I know that it will be tough, as many of...
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