Properties Of Acids And Bases

Topics: PH indicator, Atlantic Ocean, PH Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Properties of Acids and Bases
Bromothymol Blue

Universal Indicator


Litmus Paper

1) F, C, D, B, A, E
2) D is neutral because it turned to the colour of green when it came in contact with the indicator Bromothymol Blue. The acid or base is green between 6.0-7.6 pH. 3) Solution E is more alkaline (more basic) than solution A because when E came into contact with the indicator Bromothymol Blue it turned into a darkish blue colour while A turned into a lighter blue colour and just by that the facts are provided.

Conclude and Apply:

2) If I was asked to put together a test kit to determine whether water taken from a factory waste drain was acidic, basic, or neutral. I would contain these three tests: Universal Indicator, Litmus Paper, and Bromothymol Blue. I would choose the Universal Indicator because it is very useful since it has many indications on giving me an approximate pH level by changing colour on contact. I also would choose the Litmus Paper because it can help me verify whether that solution is an acid or a base. I would choose the Bromothymol Blue because it can help me verify if the certain solution was more acidic, basic or neutral depending on the colour. 3) If the lichen were ground up and then soaked in vinegar, the solution would likely be red because when litmus is soaked in an acid (vinegar ph 2.4) it turns red, but when it is soaked in a base it turns blue.

4) The colour of seawater that has had bromothymol blue added to it would be blue because seawater is at a pH scale of around 8.6 and bromothymol blue changes from yellow to blue 6.0-7.6 pH.

5a) The regions of the world’s oceans appear most affected by the drop in the pH level are the North Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Atlantic Ocean because they show a dark orange colour on the colour coded map and that is around a -0.10 to...
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