Experiment 2

Topics: Chemical reaction, PH indicator, Acid Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Amanda Ayers09/07/2013

Title: Observations of Chemical Changes

Purpose: To observe some properties of chemical reactions and associate them with everyday household cleaning products.

Procedure: In order to complete this experiment, I had to set up and organize my lab table. I used my 24-well plate, my 96-well plate, and the first experiment bag which included all of the necessary chemicals. I also had to gather 3 household cleaning products and a pipet in order to test them as well. The procedure involved was putting 2 drops of one chemical in the 96-well plate, and then adding 2 drops of a second chemical in the same well. I observed the reaction and recorded what change, if any, took place after looking at them against a white background and a black background. I then proceeded on to the next two chemicals, until all chemicals had been tested.

Data Table 1: Chemicals Provided in Lab Kit.
Well #ChemicalsReaction
A-1NaHCO3 and HCl-C02Remained clear, very bubbly, almost as if forming a gas, which it was. Carbon Dioxide. B-1HCl and BTBThe results of adding the blue indicator was a color change. It turned orange, indicating acidity. C-1NH3 and BTBIt remained blue, indicating a base.

D-1HCl and blue dyeThe mixture turned green.
E-1Blue dye and NaOClBlue at first, then when HCL was added to the mix, it turned green. F-1Kl and Pb(NO3)2Very yellow and dense looking.
G-1NaOH and phenolphthaleinReaction was a purplish/pink color H-1HCl and phenolphthaleinNothing happened, no reaction, remained colorless A-2NaOH and AgNO3¬ Muddy brown in color, almost grit-like appearance B-2AgNO3¬ and NH3Nothing seemed to happen, no reaction, but when placed on a paper towel and exposed to sunlight, the paper turned rust colored, with some silvery areas. The paper towel was also extremely stiff. C-3NH3 and CuSo4Reaction was cloudy blue in color

Data Table 2: Household Cleaning Products
Well #Cleaning ProductReaction
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