Promotion Mix

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Promotion Mix

Developing Effective communication

Identify the target audience

Our main target audience are young adult age from 20-34 years old, they are either working or schooling. There are other groups which are not our main focus for example children. Children actually can influence their parents the cereals that they will want to have. We will still have to look into the population in a whole.

Our main target audience are young adults aging from 18-36 years old, young families and pet owners.. We must note that there are other groups which are not our main focus that may also be interested in our serivce, for example children, who do not make the buying decision, tend to influence their parents on which airline to fly on. Therefore, we will still have to look into the population in a whole.

Determining communication objectives and message

As targeted audience are mostly aware of competitor’s brand KELLOGGS brand recognition for POST cereal is generally lacking.

As cereal consumption increases the message will focus less on the awareness but more on knowledge and liking of the product by tying the product with bundled promotion giving the consumers a better value for price option compared to other brands

Tiger airways is not a new airline , therefore in singapore most of the people are aware about it and the knowledge of Tiger Airways. Therefore, the message will focus lesser on increasing awareness, mainly more on building up preference and convincing target audience, which will lead to the purchasing of tiger airways ticket with the help of actions such as offering promotions and premiums.

Design the message

The message content would be informing consumers of the benefits our product offer eg nutrition and delicious yet affordable. This would serve as the rational appeal to the consumers.

On an emotional level, we seek to associate POST cereal as being a family cereal where the young and the old can enjoy.

The message structure is presented by a one sided argument where we tell the consumers the strength of our product and convince the consumers to purchase our cereals. With every box of POST cereal consume, stand a chance to win the latest IPAD 2

Firstly the message have to be easy to understand to the benefit of all audience and also eye catching in order to capture attentions from the audience. As for message contents, rational appeals are used . Providing positive information with one sided argument to the audience about the strengths and desired benefits of Tiger Airways will encourage and convince potential constomer into purchasing air ticket. For example in one of Tiger Airways advertisment, a message create interest : “Tiger Airways is giving away 20,000 FREE seats! You only have to pay taxes and you’re all set to go on the holiday you so deserve”

Choosing Media
Communication Channels

We are using personal and nonpersonal communication channels. The 4 nonpersonal channels to reach out to our target market are internet, billboard, magazines and newspapers while the personal channel is through personal selling.

Selecting the message

We can get Vincent Ng to promote Post Selects as he has the healthy image. Using either celebrities or athletes will enhance the product image allowing the consumers to believe that eating cereals is healthy and beneficial to their health. The message bring across will be reliable and convincing.

Having celebrities, professionals, athletes with healthy image to promote will make the message sound more credible and persuasive. Apporaching Felicia Chin ,a local popular celebrities with a healthy image, to promote Tiger Airways will atttracts audience to look at Tiger Airways advertisement and know more about Tiger Airways and it's promotions.

POST Selects Overall Promotion Mix

Due to the growing web base businesses the internet can be a great way channel of distribution. We are planning of using Groupon, a...
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