Unit 9 D2

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Target market Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: May 31, 2015
Evaluate an Existing National Marketing Campaign
The national campaign I have chosen to evaluate is McDonalds because they are a huge global company who would do many marketing campaigns as they are a business who is always creating new products and services for their customers, which need to be made more aware. The objectives of the campaign are to attract customers towards a new product that McDonalds have just brought out, such as the new Chicken Bacon Deluxe which has just been introduced. I think that this is very effective because as an objective to attract customers, a company like McDonalds it is very possible they can achieve this, therefore with this this would bring more money into the business as sales would increase. The target market of this campaign would be through the Age Target marketing, for the Chicken Bacon Deluxe we would look for the ages around 11-25, as it is something that would attract to them because it is something new and different that McDonalds have done before. I think that is very ineffective to target that way as it is not definitely going to sell to that age bracket and if that is the case, it is not necessary going to sell in other age groups, this would mean the product will fail and the business would lose money on the marketing for it. The content of the campaign would be influenced on the quality, price and the taste of the product, this means on the advertisement the quality would show the ingredients used and the freshness of it to attract the customer too it. For the price, it would focus on the affordability of the product, also may add extra prices for other types of the product such as salsa or normal. Also, the product would feature the taste, as this is one of the main factors the customers would look at, this means it would be very effective because customers would have a much bigger interest in the product and would look at the campaign in much more detail. The media which will be used by McDonalds for this...
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