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Scoot Advertising Proposal

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Situational Analysis
Key Strategy
Creative Strategy
Creative Execution
Promotional Activities
Media Selection
Activity Plan
Summary of All Cost
Campaign Evaluation
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Scoot Advertising Proposal



Executive Summary
Overview Low cost traveling started in Singapore in 2004. Since then the industry has grown rapidly and namely Airlines like Tiger Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways and AirAsia has been able to prosper due to their competitive prices. However, all might not be as rosy in the aviation industry. Escalating fuel costs, debt troubles in Europe and natural disasters threaten the industry’s profitability. With oil prices sky rocketing to over $100 a barrel, and expecting to remain high over the next five years, elevated oil prices will keep the airfare prices high. According to Jeff Knittel, the 2012 outlook for the global aviation sector is dependent on the overall global economical growth. Despite these headwinds, there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. Rising disposable income, tourism promotions and low-cost airlines will assist the industry’s revenue growth for the next five years. Task/Target Market Scoot, having recently entered the industry via the support of its parent company, Singapore Airline, is vying for a place within the industry front runners. With its maiden flight set to depart in June 2012, Scoot has thus tasked us to promote its flights for the June holidays, during the April - May period, in hope to promote trial and infuse brand switching amongst those in Singapore, who lead a conventional family life, and seek to give better to do their families daily.. Competitiveness A common trend between its competitors; however, is the very closely watched price war between each other. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, every move a competitor takes in differentiating itself is a positive maneuver in gaining a leverage in profit share. Conclusion Thus, this Advertising plan aims to give insight into the current low cost carrier industry, by giving Scoot an edge over its three competitors. Furthermore, the proposed campaign aims to build a brand image of understanding and resonance with Scoot’s target market in Singapore to employ Scoot as the Airline that accommodates their needs.

Scoot Advertising Proposal



Situational Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Strengths • Scoot has cheaper and much competitive prices against the competitors • • • • Scoot can benefit from the highly reputable parent company, SIA Scoot has a comprehensive online travel guide for customers as value-added service Scoot has stability in operation from sufficient injection of funds from SIA Trained by SIA, Scoot’s service crew standards will be on par to SIA

Weaknesses • Scoot has no customer base to work on as it is a new business venture • Due to limited aircrafts, Scoot might be unable to cater more flights for the destinations they provide. • • There is a lack of presence of Scoot in the aviation scene There is little brand differentiation from its competitors due to the common terminology “budget airline”. Opportunities • There is an increase in tourism growth in Singapore • • There is a rise of budget traveling demands for Asia destinations Consumers are looking to more ergonomic travel planning tools to help them map out their traveling itinerary • Social networking platforms are rapidly gaining popularity and becoming a medium to spread information Threats • Recent rising fuel costs are increasing operational costs • • • There is an increase of 5.7% inflation rate that will have customers cutting spending Rise in businesses switching to video conferencing will affect sales of our business class The trending...
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