Prokaryotes and eukaryotes
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The Cell Theory
Cell is the basic unit of life. All complex organisms, including plants and animals are multicellular, made of numerous cells. These cells are cooperative and could not survive for long on their own. Thus, these cells are arranged into higher level of organization, forming tissues, and then forming organs, so that they can perform their specific function. In 1838 and 1839, Theodore Schwann enunciate The cell theory, said that, all living things are composed of cells, and that cells can only arise from pre-existing cells. Nowadays, many people study hard about cells and find many benefits from the study of cell. The knowledge about the cells and components in it benefit humans to use the continuous developing knowledge comercially.

1. To identify prokaryote cell and eukaryote cell.
2. To compare between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
3. To differentiate between animal and plant cell.
4. To identify the organelles and describe the functions of each organelles.

Equipment and Materials

1. Microscope
2. Methylene blue stain
3. Iodine stain
4. Glass slide
5. Cover slip
6. Knife
7. Lens paper
8. Dropper
9. Onion
10. Cheek cell
11. Prokaryote cell suspension

Part 1 : Onion cell wet mount
1. A translucent piece of tissue from onion was peeled.
2. The piece of onion was placed on a glass slide and a drop or two of the Methylene blue solution was added.
3. The onion cell was observed under low, medium and high power. A drawing of one cell was made, using a pencil and all of its part are labelled.

Part 2 : Cheek cell wet mount
1. The inside lining of your cheek with a toothpick was scraped gently with a toothpick.
2. The toothpick was tapped gently onto the centre of a glass slide. Some of the cheek cells should fall onto the slide.
3. A drop of Methylene blue stain was added and the slide was covered with a cover slip.
4. The cheek cell was observed under low, medium

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