Topics: Eukaryote, Cell, Organelle Pages: 4 (910 words) Published: December 19, 2013
Chloe Troulan
1. In the table below, compare prokaryote and eukaryote cells.

70S (small) ribosomes
The nucleoid is naked DNA
No mitochondria
Cell parts
The cell parts float in the cytoplasm
Under 10 micrometers in diameter
80S (large) ribosomes
True nucleus contains DNA
Organelles in discrete membranes
Internal membranes enclose organelles
10-15µm in diameter

2. What is the literal meaning of the term eukaryote?
The term ‘eukaryote’ means “true nucleus” because it has a nucleus not a nucleoid like the prokaryotes.

3. What was Robert Brown’s role in forming Cell theory? What else is he celebrated for? Robert Brown is celebrated for inventing microscopes and his role in forming cell theory is that he was the first to see the internal actions of a cell.

4. Symbiont theory suggests how eukaryotic cells arose from prokaryotes through evolution. Briefly outline symbiont theory. Symbiont theory is when a smaller unicellular organism becomes part of a larger organism which is then altered and through time becomes the organelles found within the cell.

5. With the aid of labeled diagrams, compare the structures of plant and animal cells. Include annotations on the functions of each organelle and scale bars to show size.

Plant cells and animal cells are very similar in ways because most of their organelles are the same apart from three organelles in the plant cell that are not present in an animal cell. These three organelles found in a plant cell are: a cell wall, chloroplasts and a vauole. An animal cell does not need a cell wall because it does not need to keep a strong shape like a plant cell, an animal cell does not need chloroplasts because they are what absorb the light to enable the plant to go through photosynthesis whereas an animal cell does not need to go through photosynthesis they need to take in oxygen to survive, a plant cell takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen after...
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