Project Title for Mba

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Projects for MBA


1. A study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries: (Study to measure productivity and analyze problems and provide solutions. Students can select any country of their choice for their study. Students can also select any particular industry of their choice) 2. What is ailing productivity in Pacific Island Countries? A comparative study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries. 3. A study of productivity in small and medium manufacturing enterprises in Pacific Island Countries: 4. A study of productivity in government services in Pacific Island Countries: Problems and Solutions. 5. Enhancing productivity in services sector through effective operations management: A study of banking organizations. 6. Enhancing productivity in services sector through effective operations management: A study of Insurance Industry. 7. Is measuring productivity in services sector difficult? An empirical study.

Operations and Strategy

8. Role of effective service operations in survival and growth of organizations: A study of Tourism Industry in Fiji/Samoa (Resorts) 9. Customer service as a competitive strategy: A study of banking organizations. 10. Global Operations Strategy: Mass customization an end of mass production. 11. Strategic issues in logistics and Supply Chain Management 12. Strategic Operations Management practices of Global manufacturing organizations. 13. Factors affecting evolution of manufacturing in Pacific Island Countries; A study of Fiji (Historical and Current perspective) 14. Study of operations management in insurance organizations; A case of LICI, Fiji 15. A study of effects of operations strategy on the business strategy of an organization 16. Study of Operational efficiency of Nadi airport.

17. Global Strategy: Operations strategy of Fiji water

Project Management

18. Reengineering the Business Processes in Sugar industry in Fiji 19. Management by Projects: Application of project management techniques to manufacturing/ services operations


20. A study of forecasting practices in manufacturing sector in Fiji: FMF Industries 21. Forecasting the seasonality and trends in health care: A study of Suva Private Hospital 22. Forecasting practices in Telecommunications Industry: A study of Telephone Fiji Limited/Vodafone/ Fintel 23. Applying Time series forecasting to tourism industry 24. Using regression and correlation Analysis in forecasting the demand for hospital services. 25. Demand forecasting for a retail company.

Design of Goods and services

26. Collaborative product development with customers and suppliers. 27. Use of cross functional teams in Product/service design. 28. Designing and delivery of services in hospitals: An examination of operations management problem in health care 29. Managing service operations in restaurants

30. Innovation and planned obsolescence: A study of Nokia 31. Innovation in design as tool for sustained competitive advantage 32. Outsourcing in manufacturing sector: Long term implications for developed and developing nations. 33. Global Outsourcing in manufacturing : Opportunities for Pacific Island Countries 34. Global Outsourcing in services Industry : Opportunities for Pacific Island Countries 35. Process Strategy: Creating value through mass customization. 36. Product differentiation strategy- Role of operations management

Process and Capacity Planning

37. Study of opportunities for transformation of traditional apparel industries with flexible manufacturing systems: A study of Fijian apparel Industry 38. Retail Operations management at Wall-Mart: Lessons learnt 39. A study of...
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