Ops-571 Assignment

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Process Improvement Plan
University of Phoenix
OPS/571 – Operations Management

Process Improvement Plan
Successful organizations continuously strive to improve the processes they have in place. Process improvement leads to better quality control, higher efficiencies and lower costs. In order to implement a process improvement plan, it is necessary to collect and analyze data from the process. In this paper, I present an analysis of the metric data collected for the process I identified during week #1. As part of the analysis, the control and confidence limits are calculated, as well as other relevant statistics. With this information, a process improvement plan is developed. Process Description

The process I am analyzing is driving from home to the Unemployment office; Figure 1 depicts the process. Due to its nature, the logical performance metric for this process is the time it takes to complete the drive. Table 1 provides a summary of the data collected during the previous 5 weeks.

|Day of the Week |Driving Time (minutes) | | |Week #1 |Week #2 |Week #3 |Week #4 |Week #5 | |Tuesday |17 |17 |17 |37 |16 | |Wednesday |15 |16 |16 |19 |16 | |Thursday |25 |24 |24 |25 |21 | |Friday |29 |26 |29 |26 |28 |

Table 1. Driving...

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