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When a student of management institute walks into an office on the first day of her Summer Training, more often she is nervous by the occasion. However, she over a period of time learns to adapt herself to the requirement of the corporate world. But this adaptation is rarely possible without help from within the Organization or outside it. And to this few people who help her through first few days of her internship, the student is forever grateful. For me this role was played by my guide Ms. Charu Mittra (Manager HR). I owe my sincere thanks to you. You were my prime source of motivation to work on this project. I wish you could give a little more of your valuable time and I’m sure we could have done better. I’m also grateful to my family and friends, nobody could have given me that kind of support. By the end of everyday I was a quitter and by the beginning of everyday I was a fighter. Thanks for being there for me.

I would like to especially thank my Professors- Mr. Y G Chouksey, my oldest friend and source of inspiration in the institute; Mr. S Jayaraman

How can I forget to thank Mr. Vimlendu K Singh (GM-API Business, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd), due to whom my dream of working with Ranbaxy came to a reality. My sincere thanks to him for all his support and efforts to make me comfortable in the organization.

And lastly my thank to the one who is my most consistent friend. He never speaks to me, yet he makes me feel his presence through all the people like him. People worship him. I made him my pal. Unexpected events that have happened in my life during the period I worked on this project have strengthened my belief that he does exist.



Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited is India’s largest pharmaceutical company manufactures and markets generics, branded generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. It stands amongst the top ten generic companies worldwide. It has employed diverse strategies, including exports, alliances, partnerships and acquisitions to gain the flexibility needed for viable and profitable business operations worldwide. Ranbaxy today is amongst the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has been rated the 11th largest company in the international generic space for the year 1999. The Company attributes its phenomenal growth to the vitality, innovation and commitment of its over 8000-strong multi-cultural work force.

Ranbaxy, India’s numero uno pharmaceutical company’s major strength lies in therapeutic segments area of Anti-Infective, Dermatology, GI Tract, NSAIDs, CNS, Orthopedics and Cardiovascular.

The Company’s mission statement is:

“To become a Research based International Pharmaceutical Company”

The Company is pursuing the vision

“To become a Five Billion dollar company by 2012”

Core values of Ranbaxy are:
➢ Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business ➢ Provide products and services of the highest quality ➢ Practice dignity and equity in relationships and provide opportunities for our people to realize their full potential ➢ Ensure profitable growth and enhance wealth of the shareholders ➢ Foster mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners ➢ Manage our operations with high concern for safety and environment ➢ Be a responsible corporate citizen

Ranbaxy has always continually tried to increase its global presence through joint ventures/ subsidiaries. Today it has business operations in 40 countries and manufacturing in six countries with a total workforce of about 7000 employees. The company's global sales can be represented as follows: Global Sales

|  |1994 |1999 |2004 Target | |Sales |US$ 195 million |US$ 460 million |US$ 1 Billion | |Dosage Forms...
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