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Seven Basic Quality Control Tools – Choosing the Best one for Manufacturing Business. [Type the author name]
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Table of contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u
AC 1.1: Formulation And Recording Of Reseach Project Outline Specification: PAGEREF _Toc391227504 \h 1AC 1.2: Identifying The Factors That Contribute To The Process Of Research Project Selection: PAGEREF _Toc391227505 \h 1AC 1.3: Undertaking Critical Key References PAGEREF _Toc391227506 \h 1Cause-and-effect diagram XE "Cause-and-effect diagram" PAGEREF _Toc391227507 \h 1Check sheet XE "Check sheet" PAGEREF _Toc391227508 \h 2Control chart XE "Control chart" PAGEREF _Toc391227509 \h 2Histogram XE "Histogram" PAGEREF _Toc391227510 \h 3Pareto chart XE "Pareto chart" PAGEREF _Toc391227511 \h 3Scatter diagram XE "Scatter diagram" PAGEREF _Toc391227512 \h 3Run Chart PAGEREF _Toc391227513 \h 4AC 1.4: Research Project Specification: PAGEREF _Toc391227514 \h 4Objective: PAGEREF _Toc391227515 \h 4Scope: PAGEREF _Toc391227516 \h 4Report Format: PAGEREF _Toc391227517 \h 4AC 1.5: Plan and Procedure for the Agreed Research Specification: PAGEREF _Toc391227518 \h 5Introduction PAGEREF _Toc391227519 \h 6AC2.1: Matching Resources with Questionnaire: PAGEREF _Toc391227520 \h 6Research Objective PAGEREF _Toc391227521 \h 6Research Design PAGEREF _Toc391227522 \h 6Questionnaire justification: PAGEREF _Toc391227523 \h 6AC2.2: Undertaking the Research Investigation (Research Methodology) PAGEREF _Toc391227524 \h 7Sampling: PAGEREF _Toc391227525 \h 7Primary data: PAGEREF _Toc391227526 \h 7Secondary data: PAGEREF _Toc391227527 \h 7Method justification: PAGEREF _Toc391227528 \h 7AC 2.3 Recording and Collation of Data (Field Research) PAGEREF _Toc391227529 \h 8AC 3.1: Uses of Research Evaluation Techniques: PAGEREF _Toc391227530 \h 9Cross tabulation: PAGEREF _Toc391227531 \h 9Correlation: PAGEREF _Toc391227532 \h 9AC 3.2: Analysis and Interpretation of the Results: PAGEREF _Toc391227533 \h 9Which Tool is Preforming Well to Measure Quality? PAGEREF _Toc391227534 \h 9Which tool is Ensuring Satisfactory Quality? PAGEREF _Toc391227535 \h 10Category wise discussion: PAGEREF _Toc391227536 \h 10Food and Beverage: PAGEREF _Toc391227537 \h 10Automotive XE "Automotive" : PAGEREF _Toc391227538 \h 10Electronics XE "Electronics" : PAGEREF _Toc391227539 \h 11Pharmaceuticals XE "Pharmaceuticals" : PAGEREF _Toc391227540 \h 12Relation of Profitability and market share PAGEREF _Toc391227541 \h 12AC 3.3: Recommendations: PAGEREF _Toc391227542 \h 12AC 4.1: Presenting the Outcomes in Graphic Media: PAGEREF _Toc391227543 \h 13Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc391227544 \h 13References: PAGEREF _Toc391227545 \h 14Index PAGEREF _Toc391227546 \h 14Appendix A: The questionnaire PAGEREF _Toc391227547 \h 15 Task 1: Poject proposal

AC 1.1: Formulation And Recording Of Reseach Project Outline Specification:I kept the below given topics under my consideration for this projects those are- Seven Basic Quality Control Tools – Choosing the Best one for Manufacturing Business. The Quality Control for Human Resource Management.

The Quality Standards: Followed by Local Businesses.
AC 1.2: Identifying The Factors That Contribute To The Process Of Research Project Selection:All of my proposed research topics are closely related and concerned with quality. Among them I have chosen the first one, “Seven Basic Quality Control Tool – Choosing the Best one for Production Business” because I’m more familiar with the resources related with that. Among all these topics the first one the more unique which will decrease the chance of unintentional plagiarism. AC 1.3: Undertaking Critical Key ReferencesKaoru Ishikawa proposed 7 tools of quality control in his book “What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way.” CITATION Kao85 \l 1033 (Ishikawa, 1985) Those methods are again discussed in the book “Quality Toolbox” by Nancy R Tague in a refine way, she named it “Seven Basic Quality Tools”. CITATION Tag04 \l 1033 (Tague, 2004)...

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