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Coconut is a popular plantation and is grown in more than 90 countries of the world. India, producing 13 billion nuts per annum, is one of the market leaders in coconut.

Coconut is a versatile product and has multiple uses. Almost all the parts of a freshly grown coconut, eatable or otherwise, are used in some or the other manner. India is one of the leading coconut producers in the world, producing 13 billion nuts per annum. Coconut is mostly cultivated in the coastal regions of the country. The states that have abundant coconut growth are Andhra Pradesh,Assam, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala,Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu,Tripura, West Bengal, Andaman andNicobar Islands, Lakshadweep andPondicherry.Coconut

Coconut fruit is categorised into two basic varieties according to the type of palm tree bearing the fruit. 1. Tall variety—The tall variety of coconut is slow growing. The tree produces fruits six to 10 years after plantation, which is comparatively late as compared to the other variety. The tree remains productive even at the age of 80 to 120 years and produces good quality copra, oil and other products. The fruits of the palm mature in 12 months.

2. Dwarf variety—The fruits from the dwarf or short variety of palm tree are fast growing, i.e. the tree starts producing fruits in four to five years time. The dwarf variety of coconut palm has a relatively short productive age. The fruit may be of variable colours such as yellow, red, green and orange.

Major producers
Coconut is a popular plantation and is grown in more than 90 countries worldwide. Though it is quite difficult to establish a coconut plantation but once it is done, it proves to be quite beneficial as coconut is harvested throughout the year. The world production of coconut sums up to around 55 million tonnes annually. Indonesia and Philippines are the major producers of coconut fruits in the world. The leading producers of coconut are:

1. Indonesia (1,63,000,00 metric tones)
2. Philippines (1,45,000,00 metric tones)
3. India (95,000,00 metric tones)
4. Brazil (30,338,30 metric tones)
5. Sri Lanka (19,500,00 metric tones)
6. Thailand (15,000,00 metric tones)
7. Mexico (9,59,000 metric tones)
8. Vietnam (9,400,00 metric tones)
9. Malaysia (7,10,000 metric tones)
10. Papua New Guinea (6,50,000 metric tones)

Market Survey
Coconut cultivation in the world is around 26 million acres. The overall production rate is looking up since the last decade with the rise being around 25 per cent. The production level in the context of coconut oil hovers around 3.5 million tones per year and in the context of coconut oil cake, it is around two million tones.

Indian scenario
Coconut has an important place in the Indian culture and has been produced here since time immemorial. Currently, India holds the third place in the list of major coconut producing countries of the world. Coconut production in India was 95,00,000 metric tones i.e. 12,832.9 million nuts in 2005. The area under the plantation cultivation is around

1.78 million hectares in the country. The states that are important producers of this fruit and their annual average production figures are as follows:

1. Kerala (5727 million nuts)
2. Tamil Nadu (3243.5 million nuts)
3. Karnataka (1209.6 million nuts)
4. Andhra Pradesh (1199.3 million nuts)
5. West Bengal (310.9 million nuts)
6. Orissa (274.8 million nuts)
7. Maharashtra (273.4 million nuts)
8. Assam (154.3 million nuts)
Kerala, the largest producer of coconuts in India, accounts for around 45 per cent of the country’s total production. Coconut oil is obtained from the copra of the fruit with 65 to 70 per cent recovery rate. Regarding the area covered under coconut production, Kerala again stands first among the other major coconut producing states. The following


The progress of the Indian Coconut Sector during the last two decades can be classified into three...
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