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Dalda have different ranges in size and types like, there is dalda planta, dalda olive oil and dalda bnaspati available in the market for different customers.Dalda cocking oil is very good in cocking for everything. Dalda’s story begins in early 1930’s when Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Co (today’s Hindustan Lever Limited) wanted to start manufacturing Vanaspati locally. At that time hydrogenated vegetable oil was imported in India by a Dutch company, Dada & Co. Dada & Co, insisted that the branded product should reflect their name, hence in a bid to establish their ownership of the brand Hindustan Lever introduced the letter ‘L’ for Lever into the name; giving rise to the name DALDA. It has also a distinctive feature from other cooking oils that is “NO CHOLESTEROL”.

Use to cook anything at home or hotels by cooks. CURRENT PRICE:
180 Rs. per kg
Oil use to cook food

COMPETITOR: Where its competitor HABIB compete very well in the market. Incorporated in 1954-55, Habib Oil Mills (Pvt.) Limited was initially established as an oil expelling unit. The present management took over the unit in 1978 when it was producing only 5000 metric tons of cooking oil annually.

Current price:
175 Rs. Per kg
People who cook food of different classes

Gender ……………
Age ………………
Occupation ……………
20,000-25,000,25,000-30,000,30,000-35,000 and above

Respected Sir/Madam

I am the student of GIFT University Gujranwala and I am doing survey on DALDA COCKING OIL. I require your time in answering some questions.

Q#1: What is the basic reason of using DALDA?

a) Price=10% b) Result=30% c) Quantity=5% d) Quality=55%

Q#2: Do you use the substitutes of DALDA?

a) Yes=40% b) No=60%

Q#3: How frequently do you buy DALDA in a month?

a) 1 kg=5% b) 2 kg=25% c) 5 kg=60% d) 10 kg=10%
Q#4: If the price of DALDA changes to increase then what will be your demand?

a) Increase=20% b) decrease =40% c) same=40%

Q#5: In, which season you, use DALDA most?

a) Winter season=30% b) Summer=20% c) Spring=25% d) Rainy=25%

Q#6: Do you think that DALDA is easily available in the market?

a) Yes=95% b) No=5%

Q#7: How do you come to know about DALDA?

a) T.V=70% b) Magazine=5% c) Billboards=5% d) Newspaper=20%

Q#8: What will be your demand if the price of the substitute of DALDA
Will fall?

a) Your demand for DALDA will decrease. =40%
b) Your demand for DALDA will remain same. =40%
c) Your demand for DALDA will increase. =20%

Q#9: Do you think there should be a change in price of DALDA?

a) Yes=98% b) No=2%
Q#10: How long you have been using DALDA?

a) 1 year=5% b) 2 year=10% c) 3 year=20% d) or more=65%

Q#11: If DALDA is not available in the market then will you take the substitutes?

a) Yes=85% b) No=15%
Q#12: Compared to other cocking oils that are available in the market, what would you say that DALDA is:

a ) Superb=50% b) Much better= 15% c) Same=35% d) Bad=0%
Q#13: What is your opinion about DALDA?

a) Satisfied=50% b) Dissatisfied=2% c) Highly satisfied=25% d) Neutral=33%

Q#14: If there will be any change in DALDA, your demand for it will increase or decrease?

a) Yes =40% b)...
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