MBA 610 Final Project 1

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MBA 610 Final Project 1
MBA 610: Final Paper Description and Grading Guide


In a well-crafted, comprehensive paper, use specific cases, statutes, course resources, and course concepts to demonstrate your competency with regard to all of the following three points:

1. Areas of the law that you feel most affect business decisions (Law and Business Decisions)
2. Major underlying principles of the law that you feel are most impactful (Impactful Law Principles)
3. Common sources of fear and distrust of the law and how these misconceptions can be alleviated (Distrust of the Law and Misconceptions)

Main Elements

A. Choose a topic of interest from this course.
B. Conduct research related to the topic of choice.
C. In your paper, draft responses to the following three points (listed above):
Law and Business Decisions
Impactful Law Principles
Distrust of Law and Misconceptions
D. Select specific cases that support your topic.
E. Include the applicable laws and regulations that support your topic and why you chose them.
F. Apply course concepts and course resources in your paper.

In 10-3 Final Paper, you will submit your Final Paper. This milestone will be graded using the Final Paper Rubric.

MBA 610: Final Paper Rubric

Requirements of submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA citations. This paper should be 7-10 pages in length, not including cover page and resources.

Instructor Feedback: Students can find their feedback in the grade book as an attachment.

Critical Elements
Needs Improvement
Not Evident
Main Elements
Includes almost all of the main elements and requirements and cites multiple examples to illustrate each element
Includes most of the main elements and requirements and cites many examples to illustrate each element
Includes some of the main elements and requirements

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