Project Human Resource Management

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Project Human Resource Management
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The aim of this paper is to talk about the impact of human resource management in the information technology project. The different project human resource management’s processes which are human resource planning, acquiring the project team, developing the project team and managing the project team will be discussed. The role of the project manager among human resource will be elaborated on. The key principles of managing people will be examined. The different tools to manage human resources project effectively will be talked about and the tools and used for efficient project human resource management will be explained.


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People are the most important asset of the organization because they determine the success or failure of the project being done. The human resources policies and deliveries play big roles by influencing the processes of human resources management. Many factors such as lack of communication, lack of skills, delegation of tasks to wrong people are causing failure of project. Human resources need to be managed by a good project manager that will lead them to the success of the project.

1 Definition

Project human resource management is a management of project and human resource by making the most effective use of the people involved with a project in order to get successful deliverables. It includes processes that are discussed below Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Human resource management revolves around the management of labour, a resource that is applied as one of the production factors to achieve the objective of the enterprise. Human resources are all people that are interested in the success of a project such as project manager, project team, stakeholders, project champion etc.

3 Project Human Resource Processes

In order to produce effective use of human resource involved in a particular project some processes need to be followed. There are four processes involved in managing human resources which are listed below. 1.2.1. Human Resource Planning

It deals with any kind of identification and documentation of project roles, responsibilities and reporting relationship. Some main documents and outputs are produced out of this process such as staffing management plan, roles and responsibilities and organizational charts. 1.2.2 Acquiring The Project Team

In this process, recruitment or gathering of human resource to work on the project is done. The main outputs of this process are update of staffing management plan, project staff assignment, and resource availability information. 1.2.3 Developing The Project Team

This involves training people into getting needed skills in order to perform the tasks involved in producing deliverable of the project. The main output of this process is assessing team performance. 1.2.4 Managing The Project Team

This process deals with managing the human resource by motivating them, providing feedback early, handling conflicts and issues and monitoring all kind of changes to improve performance and leading them towards successful deliverables of the projects. The outputs of this process are requested changes, recommended corrective and preventive actions, updates to the project management plan and updates to organizational process assets.


People are the most important asset of the organization because they determine the success or failure of the project being done. Without a human resource or people nothing can be done or work be done. All kind of resources can be available but people are those perform work. People use tools or resource available in...

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