Case Study 2 Project Leadership Roles

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Case Study 2: Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

Stacy D. Rivers

Dr. Stephen Castellese

HRM 517 – Managing Human Resource Projects

April 29, 2012
1. Identify the common roles in a human resource project. Then, analyze these roles to typical human resource functions. First and foremost, projects are considered the most important method that many organizations and companies use to reach their strategic goals. From this common roles are identified and filled to fulfill the needs of a human resource project. There are executive, managerial and associate level roles in regards to a human resource project. The common roles of these levels are sponsor, project manager and core team member.

The roles of these levels have different functions; however they work together to have a successful completed project. For example, a sponsor is an individual or group that provides financial assistance for the project. A sponsor has a significant stake in the outcome of the project. A sponsor can sometimes perform various tasks in regards to the project, whether behind the scenes or in the public eye. The sponsor is involved in the project from start to finish. The sponsor for example, can align the project and mentor the project manager; start stakeholder relationships; provide resources; ensure progress; ensure goals and satisfaction and ensure closure. So the sponsor is fully engulfed in every aspect and stage of the project.

The sponsor is an important fixture for the project; however the project manager is the true focal point of the project. This person spends a great deal of time communicating with everyone that has an interest in the project. The project manager’s job is to lead the planning, execution and closing of the project. Because the project manager is responsible for the schedule, this person has a major role in deciding when the project needs are met; so this person’s schedule has to be flexible. Also since the project manager...
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