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Topics: Purified water, Valve, Solenoid valve Pages: 4 (1059 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Chapter I
The Problem
Many technological innovations are being discovered all over the world. These innovations are geared toward one purpose making man’s job easier. Automated refilling and purified water dispenser brings people to provide comfortable living. It can be use at home, restaurant, and offices. It is easy to use because the gallon of water dispenser wills automatically refilling when the water is already empty. And it will stop refilling when the gallon is full. The water will purify because it has a filter.

There are people who cannot afford to buy purified water regularly. Automated refilling and purified water dispenser are using to offset essential day to day activities will also help them to save more buying clean water. The project has been made to show the use of modern technology. Subsequent generation show how modern technology became easy the human activities.This project will increase knowledge of those who search, give the information of the different parts or materials related to our project. Automated refilling and purified water dispenser is capable of clean water, because it has a filter. A filter that process purifying water which eliminates impurities and bacteria in water. It provides clean and clear water for drinking purposes. It is automatically refilling with the help of sensor connected to a solenoid valve, sensor will used as a switch when detect that the water is empty and already full. And it has a dispenser that produces hot and cold purify water. Objectives of the study

The main objective of the study is to design and develop an automated refilling and purified water dispenser. Especially the study attempted to achieve the following. 1.To design and fabricated an automated refilling and purified water dispenser relative to the following: 1.1System components

1.2 Technical specification
2.To test the functionality of the complete project in terms of: 2.1Efficiency
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