Brita Filters Social and Legal Issues

Topics: Drinking water, Water, Bottled water Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Social/ Cultural
A popular trend has vastly emerged over the past couple of years and is increasing in popularity amongst Canadians called environmentalism. Consumers are becoming more aware of the effects of their never-ending consumption of products. With new government regulation and pressure from special interest groups and even friends, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. We are aiming at an active, environmentally conscious target market because the U Brita 254 offers convenient, healthy, and durable options for active people who enjoy many outdoor activities (i.e. biking, hiking, camping, skiing, and snowshoeing). Our customers our educated individuals who expect a great product that can keep up with this fast lifestyle while helping make the world a better place to live. Thus there has been increase in sales for bottled water that has been fueled by the successful marketing of it being a great alternative to soft drinks, coffee and other beverages. Its popularity also reflects a growing concern about chemical contamination of municipal drinking water supplies (Wordsworth). As Brita we want to make sure we help keep this trend going and replace bottled water with a more efficient method by carry a refillable water bottle which makes it easy, healthier and better for consumers. Other public concerns about bottled water have focused on the discrepancy between the strict requirements set for municipal drinking water supplies and the less stringent regulations for bottled water. A second major concern is the mining of water supplies by bottled water companies without adequate assessments of groundwater reserves or the impact on surface water flows (Wordsworth). With the U Brita 254 enables the user to have one water bottle and refill it over and over again while making the water drinking quality. Thus issues like water supplies and mining of water won’t be as immense of an issue.

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