Automatic plant watering system

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This project is all about to design and fabricate An “Automatic Plant Watering System”.Automated plant watering system is a self-running watering system for plants which are very ideal for small group of gardeners and farmers. The Automatic watering System is mainly developed to run by its own, with a minimal supervision of human where it can control the water amount automatically and reduces the work load of an individual. The primary objective of the system is to supply the entire plant area uniformly with water, so that each plant has provided the amount of water it needs, neither too much nor too little. Although many challenges were presented along the way, I worked to overcome obstacles and limitations by following all of the stages of the design process.

This report outlines the work that was carried out throughout the course of the semester in the design and fabrications of the Automatic Plant Watering System. This report describes each design requirement and how the Automatic Plant Watering System was fabricated according to technical drawings. In addition to fabrication, this report examines the performance of the Automatic Plant Watering System during testing and the suggested improvements are recommended in future.

Those calculations are very important in starting the project which includes dimensions of the planting area, pump flow rate, amount of water flow at a time and so on. Other than that, it also consists of the materials and parts used in my project. This report explains the manufacturing process and the way it works. There are some diagrams and picture have been attached to give more idea and to understand easily of the project and the concept of how it is manufactured and works. 1.0 INTRODUCTION

1.1 Background
The goal of an Automatic Plant Watering System is to supply the plant with the correct amount of water at the proper time. In areas where water costs are high, supplies are limited, and there is demand for high quality turf and landscapes, the irrigation manager must maintain irrigation systems for peak performance and make careful decisions on when and how much to irrigate.

Effective landscape irrigation involves the following concepts: 1. Irrigation systems should be designed, installed, and maintained to distribute water as uniformly as possible. Precise irrigation scheduling is of little value if systems have a low uniformity.

2. To assure adequate irrigation of all areas, the irrigation system should be operated long enough to apply a depth of water equal to the water use of the landscape plus extra to compensate for the non-uniformity of the system and leaching requirements.

3. The irrigation system should be designed, maintained, and operated to avoid runoff. An Automatic Plant Watering System allows an efficient watering by supplying water where it is needed - at the very roots of the plants. As a result, water is not wasted on leaves or soil. This significantly reduces the chances for evaporation and run off. Both are common with traditional irrigation systems where the water is often supplied at a rate greater than the soil can absorb it.

This irrigation system is mainly developed to run by its own, with a minimal supervision of human where it can control the water amount automatically and reduces the work load of an individual. This project involves components and substances like plastic container, wire gauge, carpet, bucket, water pump and soil. Each components and substances have they own role to make this Automatic plant watering system to function.

1.2 Objective
1. To be innovative and creative in designing an “Automatic Plant Watering System”. 2. Enhance the knowledge of certain engineering principles and concepts. 3. To be skillful in utilizing engineering mechanisms in proper manner. 4. This also practical engineering works and techniques, the important skills of designing, precise...
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