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The Ogallala aquifer is located in American Midwest it’s the home of America’s most vital water source for American agriculture the largest aquifer in North America. It runs underground through eight states from Dakota to Texas It covers over 174,000 miles across the eight states and it hold over 978 trillion gallons of fresh water. It supplies about 30 percent of America’s irrational water. It has an average of 100 feet of water. An aquifer is a body of permeable rock that can...

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Aquifer Depletion 1

would be the depletion of aquifer supplies. An aquifer is the body of sand that is able to store or produce large amounts of water. They can be anywhere from a few feet deep to a few hundred feet deep. From a bird’s eye view an aquifer can spread as far as a few hundred miles. There are two kinds of aquifers, confined and unconfined. A confined aquifer is surrounded by what is called an aquitard, rock formations that do not allow fluid to leak through. An unconfined aquifer is one that is hydraulically...

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The Ogallala Aquifer

Josh Wiza Extra Credit Ogallala Aquifer The Ogallala Aquifer occupies the High Plains of the United States, extending northward from western Texas to South Dakota. The Ogallala is the leading geologic formation in what is known as the High Plains Aquifer System. The entire system underlies about 174,000 square miles throughout eight states. The Ogallala aquifer is an unconfined aquifer, and nearly all recharge comes from rainwater and snowmelt in certain areas. As the High Plains...

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Aquifer Depletion 2

An aquifer is an underground layer of water bearing rock. Many areas on earth have an underlying aquifer, which can supply fresh water through the use of a well. Aquifers were first tapped for water in the early 1900's for irrigation. Aquifers were originally believed to be an inexhaustible resource thus humans began tapping them for municipal and industrial uses as well (Aquifer, 2007). Now, many countries are over pumping aquifers in a struggle to fulfill their growing water supply demands. For...

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Apes: Ogallala Aquifer

Ogallala Aquifer (10:45 min.) 1. Where does the water for the aquifer come from? underground 2. Why do they call the Ogallala Aquifer water “fossil”? it was develop million years ago, and recharge very slowly 3. How big is the Ogallala Aquifer? 174000sq mile + 4. How many states drain water from the Ogallala Aquifer? 8 mid western states 5. How much of the land is sand dunes? 20 percent of its land 6. What is the depth of the Ogallala Aquifer? few feet to a thousand ft down 7. How many...

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Bio 105 Final Study Guide

between soil particles are filled with water 2 water table: the top of the zone of saturation 3 aquifer: groundwater that is economically retrievable 4 recharge area: where water is added to an aquifer 5 discharge area: where water is removed from an aquifer (e.g., wells, springs, rivers, etc.) 6 ground water mining: removing water from an aquifer faster than it is replenished (discharge rate greater than recharge rate). watershed: the land area around a...

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Legal issues with hydraulic fracturing

unconventional production, while production from shale formations is the fastest growing source According to the Hydraulic Fracturing and Safe Water Act Issues state, the process of developing a shale gas well by drilling through an overlying aquifer, completing and casing the well, stimulating the well by hydraulic fracturing and producing the gas is an issue for increasing the risk of groundwater contamination. Another concern with the potential contamination of drinking water wells from surface...

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Major Toxic Waste Sites in Texas

beneath nearby residential areas. This contaminated groundwater extends throughout a shallow aquifer that runs beneath more than 20,000 homes near the base. The aquifer was once a major source of drinking water for neighborhoods near the base, but now people use it mainly to water their lawns and gardens. Now there is growing concern that contaminants from KAFB have migrated deeper into the Edwards Aquifer, the drinking water source for the City of San Antonio. By 1994, the US EPA had assigned "highest...

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Uses of Water

ground water when aquifers are fully charged and contributing water to ground-water when ground waters are depleted. This is especially significant in karst areas where pot-holes and underground rivers are common. [edit] Ground water Main article: Groundwater Sub-Surface water travel time Shipot, a common water source in Ukrainian villages Sub-surface water, or groundwater, is fresh water located in the pore space of soil and rocks. It is also water that is flowing within aquifers below the water...

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Whats in Our Water!

surface in soil pore spaces, an aquifer is a unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit that can give a decent quality of water this is how ground water is processed. Many people do not know this but ground water is a prime source of our nation’s water source, the irrigation of water and how it is polluted tends to go unnoticed. The contamination of ground water mostly occurs when gasoline, road salts, oil and chemicals get in the ground and spreads to the aquifers, which causes contamination that...

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