Relationship of Obesity and the Advancement of Technology

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: August 22, 2013
For the last half of the 20th century we had seen the rapid development of technology, which had established the foundation for the identity of the 21st century which is the Digital Age. Slowly the remarkable inventions and innovations of that time, such as the television, radio, the computer, home appliances, the primitive cellphone, crude gaming devices and other technological breakthroughs developed and transformed to be the usual and simple materials that had become a part of a 21st century person’s daily life. Though the advancement of technology brought allot of advantages and positive changes on the lives of every individual in this world it also had some negative impacts. As advanced technologies begin to take hold over the lives of the ordinary people problems also began to occur. Slowly without them being aware the People started to become very much dependent on technology. As a result even the simplest activities and the easiest tasks of day-to-day life begun to be done with the aid of modern technology. Problem Identification:

Obesity, a condition once associated only to the rich and idle, in the past few years had suddenly become usual to the ordinary people. Obesity as described by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which could lead to extreme health risks. According to the data kept by the WHO there is an increasing level of obesity worldwide. The occurrence of obesity since the 80’s had almost doubled by 2008. 10% of men and 14% of women in the global population is obese in the year 2008 while in the 1980’s there were 5% for men and 8% for women. Aside from adult obesity there is also an alarming increase in the level of childhood obesity which at the present is one of the most common nutritional problems among children. An increasing rate of obese children also means an increasing rate of obese adults. Worldwide the highest prevalence of obesity and overweight can...
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