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Project Management Plan

Version: 1

1. Introductıon 3
1.1 Project Overview3
1.2 Project Deliverables3
1.3 Reference Materials (OPTIONAL)3
1.4 Definitions and Acronyms (OPTIONAL)3
2. Project Organızatıon4
2.1 Organizational Structure4
2.2 Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces4
2.3 Project Responsibilities4
3. Managerıal Process5
3.1 Management Objectives and Priorities5
3.2 Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints5
3.3 Risk Management5
3.4 Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms 5
3.5 Staffing Plan5
3.6 Stakeholders 5
3.7 Communication 6
4. Plan Detaıls7
4.1 WBS7
4.2 Resource Requirements7
4.3 Budget and Resource Allocation7
4.4 Schedule7
5. Addıtıonal Components (OPTIONAL)8
6. Appendıces9

1. Introductıon
1.1 Project Overview
Give a short summary of the project objectives, product(s) to be delivered, key activities, major deliverables, crucial milestones, required resources, and top-level schedule and budget. Describe the relationship of this project to other projects, if appropriate. 1.2 Project Deliverables

List all of the major items to be delivered to the customer, both external customers and in-house users. List the deliverables, delivery dates, delivery locations, delivery method (email, FTP, CD, etc.), and quantities necessary to satisfy the project’s requirements. 1.3 Reference Materials (OPTIONAL)

List all documents and other materials referenced in this Plan. Use bibliography style. 1.4 Definitions and Acronyms (OPTIONAL)
Provide definitions or references for special terms and acronyms used within this document. Your readers will thank you.

2. Project Organızatıon
2.1 Organizational Structure
Describe the internal management structure of the project. Use organizational charts, matrix diagrams, or other appropriate notations to describe the lines of authority, responsibility and communication within the project. 2.2 Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces

Describe the relationships between the project and each of the following organizations and the role(s) responsible for each relationship: Parent organization (upper management)
Customer organization (internal or external)
Subcontracting organization(s) (if any)
Any other organizations with which the project interacts
2.3 Project Responsibilities
Identify and describe each major project function and activity, and identify the person(s) responsible for each. Insert a responsibility matrix: Responsibility
Project Team and Related Managers
Overall Project Management

Engineering Management

Quality Assurance Management

End-User Documentation Management

Requirements Development


Technical Self-Reviews

R= Responsible
S= Support
A= Approval, etc.
3. Managerıal Process
3.1 Management Objectives and Priorities
Describe the philosophy, goals and priorities for management during the project. Consider including the following items: relative priorities among functionality, schedule and budget risk management procedures

3.2 Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints
Describe the assumptions upon which the project plans are based, the dependencies of the project plans, and the constraints upon the project plans (e.g., schedule, budget, quality, functionality, etc.). 3.3 Risk Management

Describe the major risks to the project, which the project plan has been designed to address. Describe how risks will be tracked and monitored. Insert a risk matrix. 3.4 Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms

Describe how project cost, schedule, quality and functionality will be tracked throughout the project. Consider describing the following: Report content/formats
Reporting structure and frequency
Audit mechanisms
Project web site
Time accounting
3.5 Staffing Plan
Describe the numbers and types of personnel needed to conduct the project. Describe the required skill levels, start times, duration on the...
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