Project and Strengths Description/definition Empowers

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My Strengths Description/Definition Empowers Me to Do When/Where I Recently Used (Be specific.) 1.
It’s when people have that feeling that they are a member of a group or a member of a society. I like to make people feel they are important. They are valuable. I do that at work, with my friends and at HCC when I have school, which is 2 times a week. 2.

When somebody have a responsibility of a situation, a project and or a group of people. I always like to be a leader of a project, I plan everything ahead of time. And I also make sure it will be done on time. I use that at my work and at my school clubs and or organizations. 3.

When you put your mind in something to do, when you just think about that only one project.. I personally focus on all what I do at all times. Because if I don’t focus I’m just wasting my time. I focus when I drive, especially when I drive in a rainy days and traffic times as well as the weekends. 4.

Being individuated. Most of the time I work with people, I lead groups, but I work individual on school major responsibilities. I like to be independent on major projects, especially a school projects. 5.

When you understand people problems, when you feel what they are going through I always try my best to underrated people, because of the situations I went through. I have empathy with my team at work especially when we have big seals and during holidays session.
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