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The types of things that would be more supportive of my ongoing growth and development as a leader and person would be positive interactions with the people around me. When I work with people that I truly enjoy the company of, it doesn’t matter how grueling or uninteresting the work we are doing is. On the flip side, if I am around people that I don’t enjoy being around for whatever reason, I would hate the work I’m doing- even if it’s very easy. Being around a great supporting cast can really make a difference, especially when you have to spend 8+ hours a day with them- even if the work itself isn’t something you really enjoy. I would say this is because it really stimulates and motivates you. I am committed to the value or importance of: Feeling comfortable with your surroundings at work What am I doing or not doing that prevents my commitment from being realized? Perhaps not talking enough about my accomplishments at work. While I don’t believe in boasting, I think its important to let others know when you accomplish good things at work or in your personal life. What would be preventing me from talking more about my accomplishments would be my unwillingness to have the spotlight on myself, as I don’t want to seem like a self-centered person. This would be more pronounced in an environment where I am uncomfortable, but not at all present in an environment where I am comfortable with the people I am surrounded by. Assumptions that could be wrong from 2+3 would be my perception of others making judgments about me if I talk about my achievements, when this could be completely untrue as I personally don’t do this to others when they talk about their achievements and are proud of them.
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