3 Reasons Why I Think I Will Be a Successful Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Suicide Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Three reasons why I think that I will be a successful leader are that I have: motivation, time management skills, and people skills. The first reason, motivation, is one of the best traits that you could have. Motivation is used when your employees or workers aren’t having a good day or are down in the dumps. You use motivation to brighten up their days, whether it’s something that you would say to them or if it’s something you give them to build their confidence and will to work on what they are working on.

The second trait and arguably the most important trait are time management skills. You have to schedule whatever you need to schedule in order for everything to get done. You could also schedule events or meetings with enough time to take a 30 minute break or schedule time for them to reflect on themselves. That’s not a necessity to have, but sometimes that will invoke motivation into a person and get them on the right track. Usually, if we are done with everything on Thursday, we would have a civilian clothes day on Friday, in the military. My third and final trait is people skills. That is also a really good trait to have. When I walk down the street, I would say “Hi” to them and maybe even start talking to them. Who knows, maybe that would be something that the person needed to have a better day. Just a little “Hi” could be the thing that people would use to stop them from committing suicide. Also, if you start talking to someone and you get into a real deep discussion, they might tell you something that you didn’t know or something that really helps you out.
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