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TO:Karen Klein, CSR, Co-Owner/Head of Technology
FROM:Valerie J. Eames, CSR, CCRR, Freelance Court Reporter DATE:December 13, 2009
SUBJECT:Recommendation Report for Research on Implementing In-House Videoconferencing ______________________________________________________________________ I have attached my recommendation report with regards to the research I conducted as to the costs and benefits to Ludwig Klein Reporters & Video by purchasing videoconferencing equipment to be utilized for conducting depositions in-house instead of through a third party. I have completed the tasks outlined in my proposal that was submitted to you on November 1, 2009. They included the research of equipment costs interviews with court reporter. This work was performed in order to help me ascertain the advantages and/or disadvantages to purchasing the equipment and any ROI (return on investment) realized. My first task included submitting a questionnaire to two court reporting agencies that offer videoconferencing services. The results were an initial investment cost of $10,000 for videoconferencing equipment and $900 to install the ISDN phone lines. There is a $150 to $175 charge per month for phone service only, and that does not include the videoconferencing charge which is inevitably passed on to the client. In the questionnaire, Lisa Michaels stated her ROI was 200 percent in three years. In addition, Toni Pulone provided a recent proposal by InConference that was submitted to Pulone & Stromberg, showing a bottom-line cost of $8,176.39 for equipment, before a trade-in rebate for their old equipment. The purchase would also include the necessary extraneous services like setup, tech support, and networking leads. Further information was obtained about Courtroom Connect, a competitor in the market, and they provide similar services at a slightly lower cost. Then I did an on-site inspection of the facilities in order

Memo to Karen Klein
Page 2
December 13, 2009

to get a better understanding of the conference room layout. I took photographs, and then I interviewed Ludwig Klein’s co-owner, Lois Ludwig, and gained a little bit of historical background into why they had not invested in videoconferencing equipment. Two main reasons dealt with the cost and market demand. Finally, I researched online companies like Mivnet, A.C.T., and Affinity that offer global networking alliances for advertising and future referrals for conference room use. Based on the information I gathered and received, I believe InConference is the company to approach and request a proposal for equipment and services. They offer a competitive price for the same equipment as Coutroom Connect, Polycom and Sony, as well as provide tech support, setup, and future networking leads. InConference’s location is convenient, located within approximately five miles of the Ludwig Klein offices. I recommend Mivnet for banner advertising on the Internet, with packages beginning at $50 per month. I suggest a network partnering program A.C.T. Conferencing or Affiinity, which includes competitive commissions for ROI with the partnership programs. I thank you for accepting my proposal to research possible costs and future benefits to Ludwig Klein by investing in and incorporating in-house videoconferencing services. If you have any questions about the report or need further information, you can contact Valerie Eames by cell phone.

A Recommendation Report

Prepared for: Ms. Karen Klein, Co-Owner/Head of Technology

Prepared by: Valerie Eames, Freelance Court Reporter
December 13, 2009

10868 Kling Street – Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 508-7794


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