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My overall reaction on rural tourism is that a big number of small farmers as well as visitors from other countries will give tremendous benefits to both. And local communities will be revitalized. I. What approaches were used in planning for rural tourism in Taiwan? Justify your answer

Rural tourism was a new type of agricultural management in Taiwan for the past ten years . There are two different development models, the government projects that are supported by the central government which ask for the opinion of local govt. and farmers association Consulting farmers their willingness to participate their applications for financial support the project has to follow regulation governing rural tourism. The other model is the commercial project supported by a company’s own takes the form of what you called leisure farm. The central govt. allocates funds for those countries like Taiwan that are willing to promote the development of rural tourism. This new type of agricultural management in Taiwan helps farmers break through current management difficulties for small farms. It has dual purpose , one is to provide leisure and recreation for the public and the second is to increase the farmers income and improving the standard in living in rural areas. The combination of leisure farms and rural tourism provides a great opportunities for farmers to improve and increase the profitability of their farms. Lastly rural tourism planning is most favorable for the small farmers.

II. How was the planning process used in the case? What steps were undertaken to complete the plan?

The planning process used in the case were as follows:
a. The discussion of aims
b. The analysis of relevant laws and regulations
c. The evaluation of the potential of different areas and activities for agricultural activities d. The selection of important categories and areas for detailed programs. e. And lastly an analysis of economic return...
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