Proficiency in Geometry of Selected Third Year Students in Muntinlupa National High School

Topics: Mathematics, Mathematics education, Education Pages: 21 (6988 words) Published: June 21, 2013

A Research Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education
San Pedro College of Business Administration
Km 30 Old National Highway Barangay Nueva, San Pedro Laguna
S.Y. 2012 - 2013

In Partial Fulfilment
Of The Degree
Requirement of the
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
Mathematics Major

Espinosa, Nandito B.
Del Monte, Carie Luigie V.
Legara, Rhea lyn A.
Torres, John Joseph P.

Paraluman L. Veloz, Ph.D.

Chapter I

Geometry is about shapes and logical analysis of relationships to its properties. To learn more effectively on this subject matter, one must understand the fundamental concept of this field. Proficiency in this subject, most of the time, is insufficient.

The most important role of education is to teach students how to learn and become an independent learner, from the abstract idea into the real world situation. The learning of an individual must not only be in isolation, but it must also be applicable to the demand of changing and complex environment. School institution occupies a vital role in learning process. Learning is due to prior understanding of the students to the basic idea. The interest and needs of students should take into account to sustain attention, retention, and application of the acquired knowledge. Intrinsic motivation towards learning, clarity of instructions, and authentic way of teaching must be executed well, to achieved the goal. Unfortunately, there are variables hindering to attain the objective. This aspect is essential to facilitate effective learning. The interest, environment, and the accessibility of the student towards learning must take into consideration.

Learning does not happen all at once, but it is build upon, on what a student already knows. It is acquired through the learner’s logical ability to synthesize new information. In the end, learning produces changes based on the student’s experiences and the result is relatively permanent.

Statement of the Problem
The study aims to determine the proficiency of third year high school students in geometry in Muntinlupa National High School. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the demographic profiles of selected 3rd year high school students in terms of: a. Age

b. Gender
c. Previous grades in Geometry
d. Present grades in Geometry
e. Socio-economic status.
2. What are the factors of proficiency in Geometry to the 3rd year high school students in MNHS in terms of: a. Environment
b. Learning Habits
c. Skills in Geometry
d. Interest
e. Teaching Method
3. Is there a significant effect of these factors on the 3rd year high school students in their proficiency in Geometry subject?

Statement of the Objectives
General Objective
The general objective of this study is to evaluate the proficiency of the students in Geometry. The result will be beneficial to the following: School principal will be guided through the results of the study in their effort of planning meaningful program that would develop the school communication in terms of effective geometry proficiency program. The school will benefit from the result of this study as it will be more aware of the strengths and weakness in using effective proficiency in Geometry . Other researchers will be able to use the results as related reference for their own investigation. The researcher themselves will also benefit considering that this endeavour is a meaningful and rewarding experience for it gave them a first-hand exposure to the intricacies of conducting an educational research. Scope and Delimitation

The main focus of the study is to determine the proficiency of third year high school students. The researchers will use selected sections of third year high school students in Muntinlupa...
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