Geometry Uses

Topics: Mathematics, Want, Geometry Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 24, 2010
Geometry has many uses. It is used whenever we ask questions about the size, shape, volume, or position of an object Geometry is the foundation of physical mathematics present around us. A room, a car, anything with physical constraints is geometrically formed. Geometry allows us to accurately calculate physical spaces and we can apply this to the convenience of mankind. . The geometry is heavily used in drawings, carpeting, sewing, architecture, art, mathematics, measurements, sculptures etc. It has wide usage in space, engineering, textiles engineering etc. All these fields are pursued by thousands of individuals which relate geometry to the life of a common man. In our daily life, most productive uses of simple geometry are: ← When we are trying to decorate our house, we should know that how space our furniture will take up? ← Architects and engineers use geometry in planning buildings, bridges, and roads. ← If we use a ladder, we need to place it at an exact angle so we don't fall. ← It is used for carpet laying or tiles on a floor. ← If we want to paint a room, we should know how many square feet of wall space we are going to paint in order to know how much paint to buy. ← We would need to know how many square feet of lawn we have to buy the correct amount of fertilizer or grass seed.  ← If a person wants to have new curtains in his house, he will use geometry to calculate the area of the wall. ← Pastimes like quilting use geometry extensively. Understanding how the shapes of a quilt block fit together is dependent on geometry. ← Stairs are made in our homes in consideration to angles. ←  So, next time if we hang a picture, think about it: "we are using geometry!"
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