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Week One- Day 1 –
Get to know one another- Your name, your tract and what you might like to take photos of during the semester ie; nature, fashion, cars, sports, etc.
*Read the Syllabus & Cover Sheet in class 10 pts*Read Chapters 1-4 Complete Digital Photography
*Vocabulary Assignment - 30 ptsDay 2 –
Photo Assignment - 35 Get to Know Your Camera, - (Video Instruction
Check out a camera and take pictures to have ready to upload to the Rendering Folder by next class. Take Photos of your: environment, family, home, neighborhood, your passion-
Day 3 –
Due Photo Assignment - 35 Get to Know Your Camera First 30 min of class load your images to a Folder in the GRHD221 Folder Week 1. Name your folder with your first & last name.
Class Discussion – THE CRITIQUE 10 pts. Students in class will read as a group out loud and discuss the components of a critique.Weekly Introduction
Week 1: The Definition and History of Photography
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams
This course will provide you with the training, encouragement, and knowledge to “make a photograph,” as Mr. Adams so clearly put it.
To understand digital photography, you must first understand the origins of photography. You must also have a basic understanding of the industry jargon. We spend some time on these topics in this first week. You are also going to spend some time getting to know the basics of your camera. It will be a fun and busy week. Pay attention to the details.
Tips for Week One
Complete your reading first. The textbook is going to help you understand the fundamentals of your camera. The lecture is going to provide you with a foundation of the principles of photography. Both will help you to understand, appreciate, and enjoy the assignments.
Don’t be intimidated by the hardware (your camera). It may feel complicated at first, but this will be resolved in a very short time if you work hard and practice. This week’s homework will

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