How to Take a Good Photograph

Topics: Photography, Light, Camera Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: January 4, 2013
How to Take a Good Photograph
Sometimes, a lot of good pictures are not delivered from one simple click shutter. We have to take control of our ability to take a good images at a glance. Some people blame a camera for an unsatisfying image while the camera itself has nothing to do with it. Following these steps maybe can help you to have a good photo shoot. First of all, we must build our patience. Many of a good photograph produced after years of observation. Sometimes photographers capable of turning something ordinary to extraordinary with a camera. But it is not only the camera that produce a good shot. A well trained photographers also. "Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology." (Rockwell, 2012). Sometimes we should observe a good subject to be a good inspiration later on. After that, we should see more than just looking. “Composition is the strongest way of seeing” (Weston) When we are seeing more than looking, we will see something worth photographing. If we only look but do not see, we will more likely to walk past some spot on opportunities. This is the problem which most of people are not aware of. After those basic steps, here are several technical stuff to be added to the step how to take a good photograph. Firstly, these technical stuff is lighting. Lighting is undoubtedly is the most important technical problem. First, you have to feel the sensitivity of light while you are outdoors and test the surrounding so you know what the image will look like on the camera. If you have a smaller object, modifying light becomes easier. We can use either a lighting gear for film or use sunlight as a natural lighting. Secondly we have to know when to use flash. Most of people use a flash at the wrong moment. This issue will make the photo looks less good in quality. Some of us usually turn the flash off in the daytime which can deliver ugly sunlight in the face. Turning the flashlight on in the daylight can improve the quality...

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