Arto 105 Chapter 9,10,11,12 notes

Topics: Art, Photography, Sculpture Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Chapter 9 -326 Words
Camera And Computer Arts:Some key topics for this chapter would inculde: the Phtography,Film,Video,The Internet,Camera Obscura,Camera,Pictorialism.Photography: involves light passing through an opening into a darkened chamber. The image that is formed inside is an upside down replica of the outside world. which is a Camera Obscura{Latin Word Fpr}(Dark Room) The still Camera And Its Beginnings: A Camera is a light box and one end admits light and a lens captures gocuses and refracts the lights to the image on a light sensitive surface.Heliograph: which is "sun-writing"; the first permanent photograph Daguerreotype: whcitch was a light sensitive copper plate coated with silver lodilde that captures a photographic images it processes positive images. Negative Image: its a light and dark values appear in reverse and can be used to create repeated copies and images. Photograph and Art: The western artist began to explore the artistc potential for photography to create both formal and abstract images rather than simply documentry. Pictorialism: which are tequniques who used and were used by photographers to create images and more patientry. Pure/Straigh Photography:which was a practice of photography in which the artist dows not cut (crop) or minipulate theire photographs to form any way. Photography And Art: which are consisted by found images and rayographs. the Found images are images and letters in which are clipped from the other priunted sources onto the other sources.The Rayograph on the other hand are images created by placing the objects on top of th elighti sensitive paper and making shadows on those papers.This form of art was inspired by artist (DADA)Film: its being dependend on a phenomemon called persistence of visions . In 1878 the photographer Eadweard Muybridge was to use a series of cameras set off by the triggers to create the first forerunner modern film making camera Film and art was intended to create cinematic movies that...
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