professional development for strategic managers

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Personal development includes all activities which one develops knowledge and consciousness. It also improve ability and capability. personal increase quality of life as well as help to the awareness. The concept is not restricted to self help and add many activities for improve others. ( Aubrey,B., 2010).

"personal development plan is a process by which we identify our educational needs, set ourselves Some objectives in relation to those, undertake our educational activities and produce evidence that we have learned something useful"

(Rughani A, et al, 2003)

Personal development plan (PDP) is very important to achieve in our life. There is no anyone in all around the world who can achieve something by ignoring personal development. I will mention most important three reasons why it is necessary for succeed.

1. Personal Development direct your attention back to what are important. There are a lot of things in our life which one can divert the attention from important. Those distraction are mainly in short term pleasures but in long term we have to suffer.

2. .Personal Development rises our ability. It helps us to progress our ability .we have a limited ability to solve the different kinds of problem. But personal development teaches us a lot of things to solve a massive problem. 3. Personal Development introduces us with new positive people which helps us to learn new something. Then we can bring higher and higher level in our life.

To evaluate personal skills we can many methods for this,me personaly suggest to follow time management and SMART.Those will be descrive belowTIME MANAGEMENT:

This section discusses personal time management skills. These are essential skills for effective people.
People who use these techniques routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service. If you use these skills well, then you will be able to function effectively, even under intense pressure. At the heart of time management is an important shift in focus: Concentrate on results, not on being busy

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little because they are not concentrating on the right things. The SMART method one way to help you remember how to run throw the process of setting your first personal skill objective

S for Specific: There are some key factors which should be available in the objectives that are clear and well defined. They should be describe seventy percent. It will be realistically achievable.

 R for Realistic: The another important fact is relevant which cannot be cannot achieve big successes.
A. T for Time-based the last factor is time based. For setting objective should make a schedule where will be included details of delivery where objectives are to be completed. (

If I compeer these methods SMART is perfect and effective method for setting objective where is included time management too

There are many strategic detraction of organization which is very on organization. We can assess it by some professional skills. Now I will mention some key points of professional skills :-

 A leader sounds trouble staffs.
 A leader should have good knowledge in coaching and taining.  A leader should have interest to new skills and knowledge.  Presentation is very important to achieve the attention of customers.  A leader should have developed the personal network.

There are some others skills are as well :

 Problem solving.
 Decision making.

 Effective communication:communication is very important for a good leader.  Questioners
 Handling conflict.
Another most important Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which has some important principles which are follows:
 It should be continuous as professionals should always seek to develop.  It should be owned and managed by the individual learner the objective. The objective of CPD are as...

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