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What do I want to be able to do
or do better?| Success criteria
How will I recognise success?
How will I review and measure my improvement?| Actions
What methods will I use to achieve my learning objectives?| Implementation How will I practise and apply what I learn?|
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3.2 –
A personal development plan is to help you throughout life, you will need a development plan for, education and your career. You do a personal development plan as it help your manager or person you may work for get to know there staff and employees. They can always be used for CV’s, You should be the one involved as it requires your description, what your actions are that you want/are going to take and plans towards achieving your goals. You should always talk to your supervisor about your personal development plan when setting goals talk to your supervisor about the best ways of achieving them. You first need to discuss with supervisor/staff/tutor about your development needs, then when getting feedback from them you can take them into consideration and work your plan around them, When agreeing a personal development you need to make sure all the goals are achievable and in reach for improvement so you can look back and see were things have changed.

There are many ways that a learning activity can improve your own knowledge and skills. A good learning activity will do an effective job of presenting the information in a way that can be clearly understood. It will also provide opportunities for review of this information to check that a person has obtained the desired skills.

MU 2.8
Children are provided with regular drinks and food adequate quantitiesfor their needs. Food and drink is properly prepared, nutritious andcomplies with dietary and religious requirements. [ Adequate and nutritious food and drink are essential for children's well-being. The registered person and staff have a good...
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