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Question 4


Lecturer:Dr. Kenneth
Question 4
Discuss the statement in detail within the context of the Malaysian environment. Professionalism cannot be taught by regurgitating the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct nor by memorizing a set of rules. Do you agree with the statement and why?

The IEM, which known as Institute of Engineer Malaysia, was established in 1959 and it had a marked influence on the engineering profession in the country. It primary function is to promote and advance the science and profession of engineering in any or all of its disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to engineering. It started out with only 60 members and it has grown and matured with the nation and its people. There are around thirty thousand members registered under IEM currently and the number is keeping on growing annually. Thus, this made the institute became one of the largest professional organizations in Malaysia and it has identified and addressed itself to the needs and requirements of the country. The IEM has eighteen Technical Divisions and three Special Interest Groups to look after and to organize the activities for the different disciplines. Besides, it has also a Graduate and Student Section that is special provided to the younger members. In order to support the needs of members, the IEM has eight Standing Committees to attend to the different administrative functions of the institution. First of all, I do agree the statement that professionalism cannot be taught by regurgitating the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct nor by memorizing a set of rules. However, various question maybe come out when talking related to the engineering nowadays especially among the school children and undergraduate university student such as“What is engineering?”, “Who are the engineer?”, “How to be the professional engineer?” and so on. Sometimes even the fresh graduated university student that studying engineering also cannot describe the term of “engineer” perfectly and what more about professional engineer. Most important thing that the engineer should concern about is the professionalism cannot be trained by regurgitating the Institution of engineers, Malaysia (IEM) regulations on professional conduct nor by memorizing a set of rules. So, what is the definition of “Professional”? Professional person is one who engages in an activity that requires a special training, comprehensive education or skill, and is motivated by a strong desire to serve humanity. Professional thinks and acts in a manner way that brings favour upon the individual and the entire profession. Besides technically competent, professional shall have a positive attitude toward life that is continually reinforced by educational accomplishments and professional service. In addition, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct enshrining strict ethical and moral obligations. Next, let’s discuss about “professionalism”. Professionalism is the skill, good judgement, and polite behaviour that are expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. However, professionalism doesn’t mean the job of someone do, it’s how someone do the job. Professionalism is important in some situation because of the life and death decisions that must be made, for instance, in medicine field. Besides, professionalism is a way of thinking and living rather than an accumulation of learning. Hence, professionalism cannot be taught by stating a code of ethics nor by memorizing a set of rules. A strong professional sense is of undoubted benefit to the profession concerned in terms of morale and vocational satisfaction. It is also a fact that the community benefits when it is served by a professional whose standing is recognized, in terms both of status and rewards. It is through the...
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