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Tay Yeow Hui (TP025799)
Tulasinatan (TP026049)
Teh Sheong Zhen (TP025805)
Pritam Kaur Dhaliwal
L-Shaped Futuristic Shoes



Your group is to present the concept of ‘L’ shape product, concept or anything that you has thought of in a group. The product created can be a small as a key chain or as big as a building. Your group does not have to present the modal of your design or the concept you created. You should be able to show the appropriate diagram of the product. Your group required to present your idea to the class and you are encourage to use whatever multimedia resources that are available. In your presentation we shall not be more than 15 minutes. Your group will be graded on all aspects of a group presentation.


What’s an L-Shaped Futuristic Shoes? I can still remember when I was little, me and my family use to watch a movie called Back To The Future II. When I first saw the shoes where Marty McFly’s wore in the movie, the first thing come in my mind is I hope in the future I can invent exactly the same shoes from the movie.

But I never really thought 22 years later the shoes became a reality. About four years early, Nike announced the Nike Air Mag, Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes from 2015, as seen in Back To The Future Part II (1989). Nike has already patented a self-lacing system. It’s created a limited-edition shoe based on a glowing pair that appeared in the popular 1989 movie "Back to the Future II." The 2011 Nike Mag is designed to be an exact replica of the fictional sneaker, including a glowing Nike name on the strap. But unlike the movie version, these shoes won't lace themselves.

Some shoe collectors and movie fans has been long anticipated the Nike’s collector sneaker, they have been urging the company to make the exact same...

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